Meet FoodSocial

FoodSocial is helping creators and brands more effectively monetize a $240B market.

Every single day, 1.6 Billion people search for recipes on social media platforms that weren’t designed for sharing recipes. These recipe searches are the single largest driver of a $242 Billion market, yet the creators of these recipes often struggle to monetize their content. At the same time, brands throw $13 Billion per year at social media marketing that generates terrible ROI. 

FoodSocial’s creator-led marketplace addresses all three of these problems. Consumers can easily find recipes and creators they love, creators can monetize recipes by driving their social media following to FoodSocial, and brands can contextually market their products as ingredients in recipes. Since its launch, FoodSocial has added 140 creators and brands to their platform, who have created over 4,500 recipes and are up over 400% over the prior year.

CEO Bill Staley previously co-founded Primal Palate with his wife, Hayley. They initially focused on creating recipes and went on to publish several best-selling paleo cookbooks. In 2015, they created a line of organic spice blends and went on to scale their business to $1M in revenue. Bill’s unique experience as both a creator and brand leader allowed him to identify the problems with current recipe monetization methods.

FoodSocial is also led by Tony Ryan, a seasoned technology CFO, and Hayley Staley, who previously co-founded and scaled Primal Palate with Bill.

As FoodSocial looks to push toward profitability, they are currently raising $1.5M in SAFE notes, and they’ve already closed $500k. If you’d like to connect with the team, please reach out to

You can check out the platform at You can also listen to their podcast “That’s Delicious” and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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