Accelerators shouldn't slow you down.

AlphaLab will invest up to $100,000 in the form of a convertible note in addition to receiving 2% common stock equity from participating companies. Qualifying alumni companies have the opportunity to raise additional capital from the Innovation Works Seed Fund after graduating from the accelerator.
Companies leave AlphaLab with a clear plan to reach their next stage of growth and receive ongoing support in a variety of ways.

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Founders working together


Investments Made


Follow-On Funding


Raised a Round

15 / 2

Exits / Unicorns

We set founders up for success during our program and beyond.

Months one to three
In the first half of our program, we lay the groundwork to achieve your goals.
Receive the first half ($50,000) of your investment
Introduction to our team
Set goals and create a plan to achieve them
Receive discounted tools and curated resources from the AlphaLab Toolbench
Introductions to our network of alumni
Review Product
Deliver customer acquisition plan
Months four to six
In the second half of our program, we shift to leveraging what you built in Q1.
Leverage newly acquired tools from AlphaLab Toolbench
Prepare for fundraising
Vetted one-pager and investor presentation
Introductions to investors and mentors
Customized financial model
Portfolio Showcase
Ongoing Support
We have a variety of ways to support you after AlphaLab ends.
Up to $800,000 in follow-on investment from the Innovation Works seed fund
Continued access to our office space
Invitations to portfolio programming and events

Founder Success Stories

AlphaLab portfolio company, Subtl BeautyAlphaLab portfolio company, Symmetric Health SolutionsAlphaLab portfolio company, Gridwise

Rachel Reid, CEO

"AlphaLab provided the encouragement, network, and structure I needed as a solo-founder. Solo founder life can be very isolating so it was great to be surrounded by knowledgeable people to help bounce ideas off of. I started at AlphaLab in the first few months of launching my beauty brand and I was able to take it from $0 to $250k in revenue our first year."
Rich Kucera, CEO of Symmetric Health Solutions

Rich Kucera, CEO

"Starting a company is daunting and lonely, even when you have a founding team. AlphaLab gave us a community, a home, and a structure to discuss ideas and challenges. Before entering the program, we didn’t have any customers. By the end, we had landed three key accounts that continue to help drive growth today."
Ryan Green, CEO of Gridwise

Ryan Green, CEO

"AlphaLab was where I wanted to be. They were a top accelerator based in Pittsburgh and had all of the resources and network access that I could have hoped for. My only ask was that I needed help finding a technical co-founder. Eventually, they were the ones who introduced me to Brian Finamore, Gridwise’s co-founder and now CTO."

Our Current Companies

Selected Portfolio

AlphaLab Portfolio Company, Symmetric Health SolutionsAlphaLab portfolio company, FuturedermAlphaLab Portfolio Company, GridwiseAlphaLab portfolio company, BossMakeHerAlphaLab Portfolio Company, Subtl BeautyAlphaLab portfolio company, BlastPointAlphaLab portfolio company, White Thorn GamesAlphaLab portfolio company, Jetpack WorkflowAlphaLab portfolio company, The ZebraAlphaLab portfolio company, JazzHRAlphaLab portfolio company, SqwadAlphaLab portfolio company, TrialSparkAlphaLab portfolio company, Honeycomb CreditAlphaLab portfolio company, TreatspaceAlphaLab portfolio company, NetBeezAlphaLab portfolio company, Villie

The AlphaLab Team

Aaron Tainter

Aaron Tainter is the Director of Accelerator Programs for the IW family of accelerators, overseeing AlphaLab, AlphaLab Health, AlphaLab Gear, and the Robotics Factory. With a rich background in finance, venture capital, and operations, Aaron brings a wealth of expertise to guide companies in optimizing their financials, operational plans, and fundraising strategies. Outside of the accelerators, he enjoys playing and watching a variety of sports as well as coaching the sports of his young boys.

Sara Longo

Sara is the Program Manager at AlphaLab. Sara brings over a decade of hands-on experience in managing software and robotics startups, has extensive experience in strategic planning, and has a proven track record in driving innovation. Sara a former startup founder, has raised significant funding, and has launched game-changing products for Fortune 500 companies.

Innovation Works Support

Jordan Marinkovich

Innovation Works Staff, Jordan Marinkovich
"I'll make sure you can leverage all of IW's networks, resources, and programs."

Rae Mauer

"I'll help prepare you for events such as showcases and venture fairs."

Jane Joseph

Innovation Works Staff, Jane Joseph
"I'll help you refine your messagining and build brand strategy."

Peter Erin

Innovation Works Staff, Peter Erin
"I'll work to connect you to relevant investors."

Dwayne Tabb

"I'll provide web design and content assistance as you need it."

Sophie Burkholder

Innovation Works Staff, Sophie Burkholder
"I'll teach you the basics of venture capital and fundraising."