Meet Bindr

Bindr is helping the LGBTQ+ community find love without labels.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community face various challenges when it comes to finding relationships. From fear of persecution, discomfort with their own sexuality, and even worries about their physical safety, many in the queer community struggle with finding places where they can be themselves. As a result, the common practice of sharing one’s sexuality when signing up for a dating app can prevent members of this community from feeling welcome on dating apps.

To create a more inclusive dating experience, Bindr puts a twist on the standard swipe-style dating app by never asking users to label themselves with sexual orientation. Additionally, Bindr offers geo-located community resources and curates their advertisers to deliver a tailored experience for the LGBTQ+ community. In the last year, Bindr has organically gained over 70,000 users, with their freemium model converting at rates comparable to industry leaders. 

Many of their users have become strong advocates. One user, Julia, said, “I honestly gave up on dating apps; they all failed or didn’t represent me. I found myself banned or feeling excluded. [Bindr] is the first time I ever feel like I belong somewhere.” Another user shared, “This platform is amazing because I'm not just a gay man - I also like women. I think it's awesome because I don't really particularly fit into one category: I'm a widower who loves women, but also hooks up with guys. I'm eager to meet a woman who accepts me for who I am. [Bindr] sounds ideal for someone like me.”

CEO Mary Richardson has been helping people all of her life. After an early career helping those with disabilities, Mary pivoted to marketing and computer science aiming to affect the lives of others at scale. She now seeks to help LGBTQ+ members of communities to connect and belong. 

CTO Brandon Teller brings that same passion for helping others to the table and has operational experience as a technical founder going all the way back to his teenage years. He previously worked as the technical lead for an acquired dating app.

If you’d like to meet the love of your life in a label-free space, sign-up for Bindr now, and if you’re passionate about building technology and breaking social barriers, email to see how you can help.

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